2009 ISA Historical / Traditional International Sign Design Competition WINNER !
State Theatre
More Photos with some Award Winners thrown in !!!
Panned Embossed Face
Extruded Aluminum Cabinet
Custom Shapes
Custom Wayfinding
Illuminated or Not
Kerkau liked us so much
we did two locations
Custom Stainless Steel
Halo Lit
Exterior Wayfinding McLaren
Got to get them to the right door
Non Illuminated
Illuminated routed face
The pylon
Yup ! I like doing the fun stuff
Custom built Internally Illuminated
Stand off back lit for a really cool night look
Hand carved 48” dia soccer ball !  
LED Halo Lighting
Old Marquees never die.
They just get upgraded !
2009 ISA International Winner !
Pretty ?  You should see it in person!
1,200 chasing LED lamps put on a great show !
The Mayan God magic trick.
10’ tall 8’ wide all hand carved
What’s a Mayan Temple without the Witchdoctor ?
Some finishing touches
Finished height 60’. This sign lights up the night.
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