Design is what will set you apart from everyone else. Signs are meant to attract people, convey a message and a feeling of the business the sign represents.
People are visual creatures. This is why amusement parks, zoos, casinos, and large shopping centers have great looking signs.
A sign sets the atmosphere of a place of business even before the customer walks in the door. Signs well placed and with good information continue that atmosphere while the customer is in a place of business. Thus giving you a happy and better chance at a repeat customer.
Ask yourself these two simple questions.
* If I see a business with a box on a stick, plain sign, what do I feel this business is offering?
* If I see a business that has put some thought into their sign, using dimension, color, and shape. What do I feel they have to offer?
We know the materials, we know the techniques, we have the tools.
Would you have a chef preform open heart surgery on you?
Then why have any one but a sign company design your sign system?
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